Garlic Chinese Pink (hardneck)

Garlic Chinese Pink (hardneck)

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The scoop on Garlic Chinese Pink (hardneck)

Early, earlier, earliest! Chinese Pink garlic is typically the first variety of the season, ready to harvest in June (sometimes even late May), when you've run out of last year's home-grown and are itching for the good stuff. Great big, glossy, pink bulbs are pretty enough to grow for just their looks, but Chinese Pink holds it's own in the flavor department. Mellow, with just the right amount of zip, this garlic is the one to reach for when making garlic bread, honey garlic ribs, garlic butter corn on the cob, or stir fried greens with garlic and eggs. Bulbs typically have 7 to 9 cloves. This super early variety stores 4 to 5 months, can be relied on to produce delicious garlic scapes in the spring and is in short supply this season. Snag yours now.

Why Grow Garlic?

  • The best reason to grow fresh garlic - flavor!
  • Growing garlic lets you to choose the intensity and subtle qualities you prefer; rich and deep, sweet and buttery, or bold and biting
  • In addition to the bulbs, the garlic flower shoots, or scapes, that develop on hardneck types provide early season flavor for delicious stir-fries, scrambled eggs, salad dressings and pestos
  • Deer, rabbits and rodents ignore garlic and other members of the onion family; you get to savor what you planted

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Note: Agriculture department quarantines forbid the sale of garlic bulbs to Idaho, Washington State and Malheur County, OR.

Note: Chinese Pink garlic is sold out for the season but is available in the Robust/Buttery/Early Garlic Sampler.

Botanical Name: Allium sativum var. sativum Chinese Pink
Common Name: Hardneck garlic Chinese Pink
Growing Zones: Zones 3-8
Sun/Shade: Sun
Flower Color: Grown for edible bulbs, not flowers
Height: 18-24"
Plant/Bulb Size: 2.25-2.5"+ diameter bulbs
Season: Very early - harvest late spring to early summer
Bloom Timing: Grown for bulbs, not blooms
Pkg. Count: 3 lg. bulbs; 1/2 lb.