Snowdrop Stepping Stone Fringe

Snowdrop Stepping Stone Fringe

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$27.95 for 20 snowdrop + 25 Spring Beauty bulbs

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The scoop on Snowdrop Stepping Stone Fringe

Add a spark of color to your landscape in late winter, before it's even officially spring. Snowdrops and Siberian Squill are early, easy, perennial and reliably hardy.

Why Grow Snowdrops and Siberian Squill?

  • This duo is super early blooming, endearing, economical and tough enough to withstand bitter cold
  • These perennials form substantial colonies over time, filling in spaces between stones and adding early mini blooms
  • Intricate and perfect, snowdrop flowers are ideal for tiny bud vases
  • This is a collection; the two types of bulbs are individually package and labeled

Snowdrops and Siberian squill form clumps of sparkling blooms, here and there, given a few seasons. Just when you think winter will carry on forever, there they are, with their tiny, bright flowers. What could be more welcome?

Botanical Name: Galanthus nivalis & Scilla siberica
Common Name: Snowdrops & blue squill
Growing Zones: Zones 3-8
Flower Color: White and bright blue flowers
Height: 4-6" tall
Plant/Bulb Size: 7/8 cm snowdrops and 8/9 cm squill bulbs
Bloom Timing: Early spring
Pkg. Count: 20 snowdrop + 25 Spring Beauty bulbs