Galanthus Giant Snowdrop Elwesii

Galanthus Giant Snowdrop Elwesii

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The scoop on Galanthus Giant Snowdrop Elwesii

When the snow is just starting to melt these charming little flowers spring from the frozen earth. Among the very first signs of life in the landscape, snowdrops are much loved for their tenacity. Giant snowdrops are the tallest and the earliest of this clan, with broader leaves and larger flowers.

Why Grow Snowdrops / Galanthus?

  • Super early blooming, endearing, economical and tough enough to withstand bitter cold, snowdrops are sweet flowers
  • These perennials form substantial colonies over time, carpeting gardens, meadows and sites under deciduous trees
  • Snowdrop blooms are pendulous and white, with fine decorations in bright green or chartreuse yellow
  • Intricate and perfect, snowdrop flowers are ideal for tiny bud vases

These clump forming flowers are happy in a wide range of growing zones and light conditions. The flowers close on cloudy days and appear as oval pearls. When sunny, the petals open wide, taking on a winged appearance.

Botanical Name: Galanthus elwesii
Common Name: Giant snowdrop
Growing Zones: Zones 3-9
Sun/Shade: Part sun to part shade
Flower Color: White nodding flowers, green markings
Height: 6-8" tall
Plant/Bulb Size: 7/8 cm (circumference)
Bloom Timing: Early spring
Pkg. Count: 10 vigorous bulbs