Free Amaryllis Bulb with any $75 Purchase

Free Amaryllis Bulb with any $75 Purchase

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$9.95 for 1 large bulb


The scoop on Free Amaryllis Bulb with any $75 Purchase

While bulb supplies last, we'll add a free amaryllis to your merchandise order of $75 or more.

The amaryllis is:
  • A fresh, plump 30/32+cm bulb. This is the nice, large size that we contract for with our growers. Nothing skimpy or old. 
  • Ready to plant and enjoy.
  • A mystery variety. Who doesn't love a little intrigue?
Tip: all amaryllis bulbs are not the same. Larger bulbs produce more flower stalks and more blooms per stalk. These are lovely!

Photos here are examples of varieties that this bulb could be; the actual cultivar is a mystery. This amaryllis can also be purchased for $9.95. 
Botanical Name: Hippeastrum
Common Name: Amaryllis
Growing Zones: Anywhere indoors, Zones 8-10 outdoors
Sun/Shade: Full sun outdoors or in a sunny window
Flower Color: You have to grow to know
Plant/Bulb Size: 30/32 cm in circumference - big!
Pkg. Count: 1 large bulb