Eucomis Aloha Nani Hybrid

Eucomis Aloha Nani Hybrid

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The scoop on Eucomis Aloha Nani Hybrid

We recently discovered Nani and are thrilled to add it to this group of fun plants. This dwarf pineapple lily delivers; on the number of blooms, the length each lasts weeks, the clear pink color and the sweet coconut fragrance. A jaunty little top puff of foliage adds to the cheery effect. At just over a foot tall, soft pink eucomis Nani adds spirited individuality to pocket gardens, path edges, window boxes and mixed containers. Full to partial sun in most of the country and filtered afternoon light in the South. Winter hardy to zone 6 with protective mulch.

Why Grow Pineapple Lilies?

  • Eucomis are practically unheard of in many parts of the country; try something new and fun
  • Fans of Dr. Seuss, how can you not grow these?
  • Easy care plants with long lasting flower stalks
When your pineapple lilies have finished blooming for the season, the show isn't over. Spent flowers morph into shiny bead-like seeds that decorate the stalks through frost.

This is a Leafari tested and recommended variety. We grew these in windowboxes and they were a huge hit!
Botanical Name: Eucomis vandermerwei Aloha Nani
Common Name: Aloha lilies, dwarf pineapple lilies
Growing Zones: Grow in zones 4-11; in zones 6 and colder grow in pots and overwinter indoors
Sun/Shade: Full sun; afternoon shade in hottest regions
Flower Color: Starry burgundy blooms
Height: 12"
Plant/Bulb Size: Big 2.25-2.5" circumference bulbs
Bloom Timing: July to August
Pkg. Count: 3 vigorous bulbs