Erythronium/Trout Lily / Mahogany Fawn Lily

Erythronium/Trout Lily / Mahogany Fawn Lily

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The scoop on Erythronium/Trout Lily / Mahogany Fawn Lily

Whether you're inclined to call this a trout lily, dog-tooth violet, fawn lily or something else entirely, it's still a perfect little woodland flower. Sweet, remarkably sturdy (it can pretty much take care of itself) and fleeting (bulbs are only available for a few weeks), Mahogany Fawn lilies are tailor-made for that shady spot under that old oak. This variety of fawn lily has earned the Royal Horticultural Society's Award of Garden Merit.

Why Grow Erythronium / Trout Lilies / Fawn Lilies?

  • These forest floor beauties are known by many names: trout lilies (the leaves are shaped and patterned like a spotted trout), fawn lilies and dog tooth violets (because of their tooth shaped bulbs)
  • Native to parts of the U.S., trout lilies bloom in the spring and form substantial colonies over time
  • Flower stems carry a single bloom with back swept or upward curled petals
  • Wild colonies of fawn lilies can be found in wooded parts of the eastern U.S.
  • Trout lily bulbs do best with as little time as possible out of the ground; our shipping window on these is short
Trout lily corms don't like being out of the soil; this is why you don't see them at garden centers. Order early and plant immediately.
Botanical Name: Erythronium revolutum
Common Name: Coast fawn lily, Pink fawn lily, Mahogany fawn lily
Growing Zones: Zones 4-8/9W
Sun/Shade: Partial shade to mostly shade
Flower Color: Pink flowers
Height: 6-8 inches tall
Plant/Bulb Size: Largest commercially available
Bloom Timing: Spring
Pkg. Count: 3 corms