Eremurus White Knight /Foxtail Lily/Desert Candle

Eremurus White Knight /Foxtail Lily/Desert Candle

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The scoop on Eremurus White Knight /Foxtail Lily/Desert Candle

Pure white spires of tiny florets stand tall and make an eye catching vertical statement in gardens and back borders. Add some spring height and garden drama with hard-to-find White Knight desert candles. Critter proof, robust and drought tolerant. Excellent for moon gardens.

Why Grow Eremurus / Foxtail Lilies / Desert Candles?

  • For garden focal points and comment-generators, few plants surpass foxtail lilies
  • Eremurus flower stalks can grow to shoulder height or taller; plants develop into multi-stemmed clumps
  • Each flower spike is comprised dozens of individual florets
  • Desert candles are generally not bothered by deer, rabbits and other critters
  • Foxtail lilies have very weird, starfish-like bulbs/roots; see the picture on the planting guide

These white desert candles look terrific planted behind pastel or deep pink herbaceous peonies.

Botanical Name: Eremurus White Knight
Common Name: Foxtail lily, desert candle
Growing Zones: Zones 5-8
Sun/Shade: Full sun
Flower Color: White Flowers
Height: Matures to 5-6 feet
Plant/Bulb Size: Largest commercially available
Bloom Timing: Mid to late spring
Pkg. Count: 1 robust root