Organic Shallots Dutch Yellow

Organic Shallots Dutch Yellow

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The scoop on Organic Shallots Dutch Yellow

Shallots can be substituted for onions in most recipes where a mild flavor is desired, and are absolutely the best choice for quiches, gratins, vinaigrettes, marsalas and bearnaise sauces where a subtle blend of flavors is preferred over a strong onion presence. Delicious in recipes with wine. Dutch Yellow shallots mature a bit larger than the red types, making them ideal for recipes that call for a single large shallot. Mouthwatering buttery flavor.

Why Grow Shallots?

  • The best reason to grow fresh shallots is the super fresh flavor
  • When you grow your own, you can harvest one or two shallots at a time, as needed, rather than buying a whole bunch
  • Homegrown foods harbor no mysteries about how they were produced, handled, transported and stored
  • Deer, rabbits and rodents don't choose shallots to dine on
Dutch Yellow shallots are shipped in 1/2 lb. bags, the number of bulbs varies with size. This variety of shallots keeps exceptionally well; for up to a year in the dark at cooler temperature of 50-65 degrees.
Botanical Name: Allium cepa var. aggregatum Dutch Yellow
Common Name: Dutch Yellow shallots
Growing Zones: Zones 4-9
Sun/Shade: Sun
Flowers: Fall planted bulbs mature June-July
Flower Color: Grown for edible bulbs, not flowers
Height: 15-20"
Plant/Bulb Size: Sold by weight, bulb size varies
Bloom Timing: Late spring to early summer, snip flowers to channel energy to bulb formation
Pkg. Count: 1/2 lb bag