Dahlia Temple of Beauty

Dahlia Temple of Beauty

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The scoop on Dahlia Temple of Beauty

We grew Temple of Beauty by accident and ended up loving it! One of the first dahlias to bloom in the garden, it was also among the last, delivering endless flowers throughout the season. The rose, wine, ivory light yellow coloring translates into flowers that work with a wide range of neighboring shades. Pick the bloom when they are three quarters developed for closed-face cuts or leave to mature so the center disc shows and attracts butterflies; your choice.

Why Grow Medium Garden Dahlias?

  • Few flowers offer the color and form diversity of dahlias
  • This dahlia blooms earlier than most dahlias and produces in abundance. A random count on our test plant showed 12 open blooms and 13 buds during mid August.
  • Temple of Beauty is a hard-to-find variety; we're thrilled to offer it
  • This variety responds to very hot days by opening wide, displaying it's pollin and coaxing in lots of butterflies

Dahlia tubers can be saved, divided and shared. Click on the Dahlia Planting Guide button, right, for details and growing tips.

This is a Leafari grown, tested and recommended variety.

Botanical Name: Dahlia
Common Name: Dahlia Temple of Beauty
Growing Zones: Grow in zones 4-8S/9W, lift and store tubers indoors for winter where ground freezes
Sun/Shade: Full sun, 3/4 day sun in south
Flowers: Uses: landscape color, excellent for cutting
Flower Color: 5-6" blooms are wine, plum and ivory
Height: 5-6 feet tall
Plant/Bulb Size: #1 multi-eyed tuber/bulb clumps, Finding Dahlia Eyes
Season: Summer into fall
Bloom Timing: Mid-summer to frost