Dahlias - Growing Success Tips

Are you growing dahlias for the first time this season? Or just looking for helpful tips to improve your success? Below are links to some of our favorite guides, videos and useful tidbits to help you show the neighborhood how it's done!

1. Dahlia Planting Guide - here's where you'll find everything needed to get your dahlias planted and off to a good start. 

Heathy blooming dahlia plant
2. Single Tubers vs. Tuber Clumps - why are there two different approaches and which is better? 

3. Preparing Dahlia Clumps for Planting - this short video shows you how to trim a clump before planting.

4. Dahlia Eyes - you may have heard references to "eyes" on a tuber or clump. Go here to learn what to look for and where.

5. Growing Dahlias in the Heat - dahlias are fine with hot days, but prefer cooler nights. Here are some tips for growing dahlias in hot regions, starting with selecting the right varieties.