Dahlia Myrtle's Folly

Dahlia Myrtle's Folly

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The scoop on Dahlia Myrtle's Folly

"Frizzy" . . . makes one think of hair gone wild and that's generally not good. In this case, however, the snipped and frizzed petal tips on Myrtle's Folly are nothing short of wonderful. Starting as deep burgundy buds, these flowers open to reveal yellow hearts surounded by a fluffy mass of crimson curls and crinkles. The colors are an ideal bridge between ivory/yellows and wines/cranberries in summer and fall bouquets. Myrtle's Folly bloomed early in our trials and continued all season long. Big fun!

Why Grow Cutting Dahlias?

  • Few flowers offer the color and form diversity of dahlias
  • This variety has been trialed and recommended for cut flower use
  • Extend vase life by cutting early in the day, after dew has evaporated and when buds are three quarters open
  • The more flowers you cut, the more the plant produces

Dahlia tubers can be saved, divided and shared. Click on the Dahlia Planting Guide button, right, for details and growing tips.

This dahlia is a Leafari grown, tested and recommended variety.

Botanical Name: Dahlia
Common Name: Dahlia Myrtles Folly
Growing Zones: Grow in zones 4-8S/9W, lift and store tubers indoors for winter where ground freezes
Sun/Shade: Full sun, 3/4 day sun in south
Flowers: Uses: landscape color, excellent for cutting
Flower Color: 6" wine, pink and yellow novelty
Height: 4-5 feet tall
Plant/Bulb Size: #1 multi-eyed tuber/bulb clumps, Finding Dahlia Eyes
Season: Summer into fall
Bloom Timing: Mid-summer through frost