Dahlia Lavender Ruffles

Dahlia Lavender Ruffles

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The scoop on Dahlia Lavender Ruffles

Like the popular dahlia Labyrinth, Lavender Ruffles blooms with long, slightly shaggy petals reminiscent of a gorgeous tousled head of hair. The coloring encourages you to lean in to fully appreciate the paint brush shading on the petals, little sweeps of deeper shading. These are some of the largest blooms we offer, a stunning 10-12" across.

For "dinnerplates", we use the American Dahlia Society's "Giant or AA" and "Large or A" classifications which are 10+" and 8-10" respectively. (FYI, some seller take liberties with the "dinnerplate" term.)

Why Grow Dinnerplate Dahlias?

  • Few flowers offer the color and form diversity of dahlias
  • Dinnerplate dahlias are garden showgirls; flashy, sensational and thrilling.
  • Pinch young plants to produce the biggest blooms; see Dahlia Planting Guide for tips

Dahlia tubers can be saved, divided and shared. Click on the Dahlia Planting Guide button, right, for details and growing tips.

Botanical Name: Dahlia
Common Name: Dahlia Lavender Ruffles
Growing Zones: Grow in zones 4-8S/9W, lift and store tubers indoors for winter where ground freezes
Sun/Shade: Full sun, 3/4 day sun in south
Flower Color: Giant 10+" lavender blooms
Height: 3-4 feet tall
Plant/Bulb Size: #1 multi-eyed tuber/bulb clumps, Finding Dahlia Eyes
Season: Summer into fall
Bloom Timing: Mid-summer through frost