Dahlia Knee High Knockout Half Dozen Mix

Dahlia Knee High Knockout Half Dozen Mix

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The scoop on Dahlia Knee High Knockout Half Dozen Mix

Can't decide? Crave an unrestrained riot of color? Love experimenting with some of this and a little of that? This 6 plant mix is for you. Drawing only from the compact dahlias in this group (please -no fillers or weaklings!) this mix is tailor made for festooning walkway edges or color revving that sunny strip by the side of the garage. Come mid-summer, and all through fall, you'll feel like a genius!

Why Grow Container Dahlias?

  • Few flowers offer the color and form diversity of dahlias
  • Sturdy container dahlias flower from summer through frost
  • Extend vase life by cutting early in the day, after dew has evaporated

Dahlia tubers can be saved, divided and shared. Click on the Dahlia Planting Guide button, right, for details and growing tips.

Botanical Name: Dahlia
Common Name: Dahlia Knee High Knockouts Mix
Growing Zones: Grow in zones 4-8S/9W, lift and store tubers indoors for winter where ground freezes
Sun/Shade: Full sun, 3/4 day sun
Flower Color: 4-6" mixed color blooms
Height: 12-24"
Plant/Bulb Size: Multi-eyed bulb clumps
Bloom Timing: Mid-summer to fall