Daffodil / Narcissus Grand Primo

Daffodil / Narcissus Grand Primo

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The scoop on Daffodil / Narcissus Grand Primo

For those who live in warmer parts of the country, this narcissus should be on your short list. Vigorous and producing up to 12 fragrant, quarter-size flowers per stem, Grand Primo is a super star for Western and Southern gardens. This spring winner can take the heat and humidity of Texas, Georgia, Florida, as well as the dryness of Arizona and Southern California.

Why Grow Daffodils?

  • Classic spring daffodils are cheery, dependable and offer colors, heights and forms to fit any taste
  • Narcissus are long lived; most happily naturalize when their modest needs are met
  • Grand Primo has been grown in U.S. gardens since 1780 and is noted by the great southern plantsman and author of "Garden Bulbs for the South", Scott Ogden, as "Certainly no finer flowering bulbs are available for Southerners."
  • Daffodils aren't bothered by deer, rabbits or rodents; these plants are ideal for critter-rich regions

For best flowering in hot regions, choose a planting site that gets full sun October thru April and summer shade mid-April thru September. Fall thru spring watering helps ensure strong flower production.

Botanical Name: Narcissus tazetta Grand Primo
Common Name: Daffodil Grand Primo
Growing Zones: Zones 8-9S/10W
Sun/Shade: Sun to part sun
Flowers: Sweet, rich fragrance (no musky overtones)
Flower Color: White with yellow cups
Height: 14-16" tall
Plant/Bulb Size: 17+ cm circumference
Bloom Timing: Spring
Pkg. Count: 12 bulbs