Daffodil / Narcissus Cheerfulness

Daffodil / Narcissus Cheerfulness

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The scoop on Daffodil / Narcissus Cheerfulness

Ready for a narcissus that doesn't have the predictable row of petals encircling a flared cup? Meet Cheerfulness. These intricate double blooms are each unique, a scramble of curls and splashes of golden yellow. And the fragrance. . . oh, my! You'll just have to plant a few and see for yourself. Wow!

Why Grow Daffodils?

  • Classic spring daffodils are cheery, dependable and offer colors, heights and forms to fit any taste
  • Narcissus are long lived; most happily naturalize when their modest needs are met
  • There are daffodils perfected suited to any part of the country; check planting zone info to help make good selections for your area
  • Daffodils aren't bothered by deer, rabbits or rodents; these plants are ideal for critter-rich regions

Most flowers are chosen for their looks and any fragrance that comes with the plant is a bonus. This daffodil can be planted for the scent alone. Trust us, it's that great.

Botanical Name: Narcissus Cheerfulness
Common Name: Daffodil Cheerfulness
Growing Zones: Zones 5-9
Sun/Shade: Sun to part sun
Flowers: Super fragrant
Flower Color: White blooms with pencil yellow
Height: 14-16" tall
Plant/Bulb Size: 15/17+cm circumference
Bloom Timing: Late spring
Pkg. Count: 10 bulbs