Culinary Ginger Roots

Culinary Ginger Roots

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The scoop on Culinary Ginger Roots

Use fresh ginger to brighten your cooking? Grow your own! This culinary ginger root is ready to plant, grow into an attractive wide-leaf tropical looking plant and harvested for cooking.  

Why Grow Fresh Ginger?

  • For the doesn't-get-any-fresher flavor!
  • These roots are non-GMO and have not been treated with the sprout retardant commonly used on grocery store ginger
  • Ginger produces tall, attractive plants with wide, ribbed leaves. In regions with a long growing season flowers may develop in the fall.
  • Where winters are cold, grow in a container, overwinter indoors and start fresh in the spring
To know where your food comes from and how it was handled, grow your own.
Botanical Name: Zingiber officinale
Common Name: Edible ginger root, Chinese ginger, garden ginger
Growing Zones: Grow anywhere in containers; lift and store tubers indoors for winter where the ground freezes
Sun/Shade: Sun in northern regions, dappled shade or partial afternoon shade in southern areas
Height: 2.5-3.5 feet
Plant/Bulb Size: Roots with buds; typically 1.5 to 3", varying gnarly shapes (see photo)
Bloom Timing: Late fall
Pkg. Count: 3 root cuts