Tommy Crocus Ruby Giant

Tommy Crocus Ruby Giant

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The scoop on Tommy Crocus Ruby Giant

Not grown in this country as widely as should be the case, Ruby Giant is perhaps the best know of the tommy crocuses. These petite, graceful flowers, with slender necks and remarkably sturdy constitutions, weather late winter cold and snow with aplomb.

Why Grow Tommy Crocuses?

  • Tommy crocuses produce some of the first color in spring gardens and are tiny jewel-like flowers on slender stems
  • Tommies spread by bulbs offsets (baby bulbs) and by seed for steady naturalizing
  • These tough little flowers can manage freezing temperatures and snow, and still bloom beautifully
  • These crocuses seem to be less appealing to squirrels so if that's been a problem previously, these could be the answer

For perfect partnering, plant these early bloomers along with snowdrops for weather resistant early spring flowers that spread year after year. Delightful!

Botanical Name: Crocus tommasinianus Ruby Giant
Common Name: Tommy crocuses, Tommie crocuses
Growing Zones: Zones 4-8
Sun/Shade: Full sun to partial shade
Flower Color: Rosy purple flowers
Height: 3-5" tall
Plant/Bulb Size: 5+ cm in circumference
Bloom Timing: Spring
Pkg. Count: 25 bulbs