Crocosmia Carmine Brilliant

Crocosmia Carmine Brilliant

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The scoop on Crocosmia Carmine Brilliant

Crocosmia are sometimes called "falling stars" because of their starry flower tips. Most in this family are hot colors - red, yellows and oranges. Crocosmia Carmine Brilliant is a wild mix of shades; carmine red with pink, purple buds and yellow centers. Finally, a crocosmia that mixes will with pinks and magentas.

Why Grow Crocosmia?

  • Arching sprays of "falling star" flowers in summer
  • Attractive to hummingbirds and butterflies.
  • Great cut flowers
  • Plant bulbs in groups of 6 or more for greatest impact

Crocosmia, commonly known as montbretia, coppertips or falling stars, produce exotic tubular flowers in strung along arched stems. These summer bloomers are favored by hummingbirds and make excellent cut flowers, both as budded stems and when in bloom. Carmine Brilliant is a bit shorter than many others in this group, making it ideal for smaller gardens.

Botanical Name: Crocosmia x crocosmiiflora Carmine Brilliant
Common Name: Crocosmia, montbretia, coppertips, falling stars flowers
Growing Zones: Winter hardy in zones 7-9
Sun/Shade: Full sun to partial sun
Flower Color: Carmine red with purple and yellow accents
Height: 24" tall
Plant/Bulb Size: 8+cm in circumference
Bloom Timing: June - August
Pkg. Count: 10 healthy bulbs