Crinum Powellii

Crinum Powellii

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The scoop on Crinum Powellii

Umbels of trumpet-shaped, deep pink flowers sit atop four foot scapes in mid to late summer. The scent is delicious, heavy and spicy. This variety one of the most cold-hardy; Powellii is recommended if you're on the edge of the hardiness range for crinums.

Why Grow Crinums?

  • Once established crinums need little, if any, care
  • Crinums produce stalks of large, fragrant pink flowers in summer
  • Form sizeable clumps over time with multiple flower stalks
Crinums are much loved in warm weather regions for their easy care (they're all over the South growing unattended in abandoned home sites), showy blooms and fabulously fragrant flowers. Gardeners who live where winters are cold can grow these showy beauties in containers.
Botanical Name: Crinum x powellii
Common Name: Crinum lilies, Bengal lilies, swamp lilies
Growing Zones: Grow in zones 4-10; in zones 6 and colder grow in pots and overwinter indoors
Sun/Shade: Full sun; afternoon shade in hottest regions
Flower Color: Pink with tiny white throat
Height: 36-48"
Plant/Bulb Size: 24+ cm in circumference, about the size of a medium to large pear
Bloom Timing: July - August
Pkg. Count: 1 very large bulb