Coral Drops

Coral Drops

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The scoop on Coral Drops

On the look out for new, different and unusual plants? Meet Coral Drops. Ideal for containers placed near to where you relax, these slender plants produce flowers that beg to be examined up close. Coral Drops are native to Mexico, with foliage that matures to about a foot tall and candleabra flower stems that extend up another 8-16 inches. The plump buds ("coral drops") open to reveal pendulous coral red blooms, often accented with a contrasting stripe down petal centers. Individual flower last for 10-14 days on the plants.

Why Grow Coral Drops?

  • Unusual, hard to find and pretty
  • Delicate flowers are long lasting on the plants
  • Plant 8-10 bulbs in a 10" diameter pot
  • Deer and rabbit resistant
Botanical Name: Bessera elegans
Common Name: Coral drops
Growing Zones: Anywhere indoors, zones 9-11outdoors
Sun/Shade: Full sun/part sun
Flowers: Delicate pendulous stars
Flower Color: Orange red flowers
Height: Slender, 10-14" tall
Plant/Bulb Size: 5/6+ cm
Season: Late summer
Bloom Timing: Late summer
Pkg. Count: 10 bulbs