Meet Your Gardening Allies!

You have a gardening team standing at the ready and probably don’t even know it.

Meet the folks at your Cooperative Extension office! They are there for a single reason: to help locals with suggestions, tips and answers to questions, all with a regional perspective. And their services are totally FREE.

Who is more likely to have the inside scoop on why your roses have developed those weird rusty spots this year? Someone who lives in your area, is an active gardener and talks with others who are experiencing the same thing, right?

Heard of Master Gardeners? These folks are part of a national organization created to help home gardeners with their individual questions. These people go through weeks of scientific training to shore up their personal gardening experience. Then, after qualifying, they make up the volunteer wing of the Cooperative Extension team dedicated to all things gardening related.

  • “When and how should I trim my lilacs?”
  • “Can I transplant my crinums at this time of year?”
  • “What are those orange bugs on my dahlias?”

Your local master gardener team knows. And should you come up with a really challenging question, they are happy to do the research to answer it. What a great resource!

Call them for regional recommendations, plant ids (fabulous if you’ve just moved into a new home with a garden you didn’t plant), info on local pest situations, and so much more.

To find your local office, search under “Cooperative Extension office (name of your county) county”.