Colocasia White Lava

Colocasia White Lava

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The scoop on Colocasia White Lava

Huge leaves and a stunning creamy white vein design make this colocasia a standout. White Lava grow to three feet tall with leaves waving atop purple stems and decorated with a purple "V" shaped splotch. The white veining hides early in the season and beomes more pronounced as the leaves grow larger and the summer progresses. White Lava is a stunning clumping elephant ear variety, with none of the "running" root issues of it's predecessor, Nancy's Revenge.

Why Grow Elephant Ears?

  • Few plants are as bold and impressive as these.
  • Excellent for height and drama.
  • No need to travel across the world for a touch of the tropics.
This variety can be grown in the garden or in a large container.

Botanical Name: Colocasia White Lava
Common Name: White Lava elephant ears
Growing Zones: 7b-10 outside; elsewhere lift and store bulbs indoors for winter
Sun/Shade: Sun, partial shade
Flower Color: Dramatic foliage plant
Height: 3 feet
Plant/Bulb Size: Quart pot
Bloom Timing: Grown for dramatic foliage, not flowers
Pkg. Count: 1 plant