Glory of the Snow / Sprinkling of Stars Mix

Glory of the Snow / Sprinkling of Stars Mix

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The scoop on Glory of the Snow / Sprinkling of Stars Mix

Give these hardy early-bloomers a few seasons and you'll have starry clumps, in three pastel shades, in meadows, along edges or throughout your perennial beds - wherever you plant this first collection of 30 bulbs. Welcome spring!

Why Grow Chionodoxa / Glory of the Snow?

  • Glory of the snow are early spring bloomers, providing colorful flowers before most of the rest of the landscape awakens
  • These starry little flowers are easy, cheerful, economical and excellent naturalizers
  • Chionodoxa work beautifully in perennial beds, adding early color
  • Glory of the snow blooms in sprays of 5-9 flowers . . . little stems of stars

This chionodoxa mix won't rank as a favorite for hungry deer and rodents (and that's good!)

Botanical Name: Chionodoxa forbesii & luciliae mix
Common Name: Glory of the Snow
Growing Zones: Winter hardy in zones 4-8S/9W
Sun/Shade: Full sun to part sun
Flower Color: Blue, pink and white flowers
Height: 6" tall
Plant/Bulb Size: 5/6+ cm bulbs (circumference)
Bloom Timing: Early spring
Pkg. Count: 30 bulbs