Trumpet Vine Flava

Trumpet Vine Flava

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The scoop on Trumpet Vine Flava

Robust North American natives, trumpet vines deliver spectacular floral displays with very little care and absolutely no pampering. Flaring tubular blooms grow in clusters at branch tips, arching outwards and attracting hummingbirds. The vines produce the most stunning displays in full sun; site accordingly as they are hard to move once established. Prune mature plants heavily in late winter to shape and maintain desired size. Very easy care. Heat, cold and drought resistant. Flava, this lovely golden yellow variety is a winner of the Royal Horticultural Society's coveted Award of Garden Merit.

Why Grow Trumpet Vines?

  • Outstanding landscape plants that thrive in most of the country; very winter hardy
  • Large, showy clusters of blooms for months
  • Flowers through the summer
  • Successful in most of the U.S. as a flowering cover for structures, a blooming ground cover, for colorful erosion control on banks and climbing brick walls
  • Attracts hummingbirds
  • Fast growing
Botanical Name: Campsis radicans Flava
Common Name: Yellow trumpet vine, Yellow creeper vine
Growing Zones: Zones: 5-9
Sun/Shade: Full sun/mostly sun
Flowers: Clusters of tubular butter yellow blooms, hummingbirds' favorites
Flower Color: Butter yellow blooms
Height: Matures to 20-40 ft, spread of 5-10 ft.
Plant/Bulb Size: 1.5 qt. nursery pot
Season: Blooms all summer
Bloom Timing: Early to late summer
Pkg. Count: one 1 year old potted plant