Calla Flame

Calla Flame

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The scoop on Calla Flame

This calla conveys two looks on a single plant. Flame flowers open a saturated yellow with a thin red edge. That red flows through the blooms as they mature, changing the look to a deeper shade. Choose Flame for this colorful reveal, long lasting 2-4" cut flowers and an early flowering period.

Why Grow Callas?

  • Calla flowers are the epitome of simplicity and grace
  • Place a single calla stem in a slender vase - elegant!
  • Callas used to be white . . . or white. Now there's a rainbow of shades; your choice.
Colorful calla are easy to grow and easy to love. Elegant and stylish, in a rainbow of colors and blends, callas elevate home gardeners' sunny borders and containers. Go ahead, show off a little.
Botanical Name: Zantedeschia Flame
Common Name: Calla lily, arum lily
Growing Zones: Grow in zones 4-10, lift and store tubers indoors for winter where ground freezes
Sun/Shade: Full sun to half day shade
Flower Color: Yellow with red
Height: 16-24"
Plant/Bulb Size: 2-2.25" in diameter / 16-18+cm circumference bulbs
Bloom Timing: Summer
Pkg. Count: 3 very large multi-eyed bulbs