Calla Aethiopica Flamingo

Calla Aethiopica Flamingo

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The scoop on Calla Aethiopica Flamingo

The tall white perennial calla that grows beautifully in coastal California, the Northwest and parts of the South, now has a sister. This Calla Flamingo pink beauty has taken the wedding flower growers market by storm and is showing up in home gardens, mostly in Europe. Hard to find in the States, we're excited to offer it for the first time this season. If you've seen Pink Mist callas, this is a click above - stronger plants, more flowers (especially year two when settled in) and a longer blooming season. Short supply for 2019, hoping for more next spring.

Why Grow Callas?

  • Calla flowers are the epitome of simplicity and grace
  • Place a single tall calla stem in a slender vase - elegant!
  • Nothing petite about these callas, they're great specimen plants
  • This tall, large flowered call is guaranted to get noticed, in vases and in the landscape.

Calla are easy to grow and easy to love. Elegant and stylish, in a rainbow of colors and blends, callas elevate home gardeners' sunny borders and containers. Flamingo is a rare beauty, while supplies last.

Botanical Name: Zantedeschia aethiopica Flamingo
Common Name: Calla lily Aethiopica Flamingo, arum lily
Growing Zones: Grow in zones 4-10, lift and store tubers indoors for winter where ground freezes
Sun/Shade: Full sun to half day shade
Flower Color: Soft warm pink
Height: 28-36"
Plant/Bulb Size: 2-2.25"/ 16-18 cm bulbs
Bloom Timing: Summer
Pkg. Count: 3 very large multi-eyed bulbs