Calandiva Plant Care Guide

For fresh flower lovers, winter can be tough. There's not much color outside and even less indoors. 

But wait - meet Calandivas! 

These double flower form succulents are related to the kalanchoes you may know, but they're an upgrade. Double blooms, delicious color combinations, longer flowering and the same super easy care. Brighten your winter - fresh flowers are here!

Choosing a Growing Site

Calandivas prefer bright light and a few hours of daily sunshine. Have and east or west facing window? Perfect. And yes, they'll often do fine with good, bright indirect light. 


Calandivas are succulents and as such, are happiest with relatively little water. Typically, giving your plant water ever 10-14 days is enough. If you see the branch tips start to droop, shorten that time period a bit. It's a good idea to let the soil dry between watering. Overly moist soil can lead to root rot - this is a case where more is not better.

Basic Care

As flower clumps fade, pinch them off to encourage the plant to produce more. 

Fertilize once a month with a water soluable general purpose houseplant fertilizer. Use according to directions. This will help keep your plant fed as it uses up the nutrients in it's nursery pot.

Insider Tips

  1. Pinch off spent blooms to encourage new buds to form.
  2. Water sparingly. Calandivas are succulents and don't need musch mositure.
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shop calandivas

Success Snapshot

Light: Several hours of sun is ideal. Bright indirect light can work, too.

Water: Water sparingly, usually oces every 10-14 days

Uses: Brighten indoor windowsills

Tips: Choose for months of fresh winter flowers 

GUIDE: Calandiva Plant Care Guide

They Start Out Looking Like This: