Flowering Pink Calandiva in Footed Ceramic Pot

Flowering Pink Calandiva in Footed Ceramic Pot

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The scoop on Flowering Pink Calandiva in Footed Ceramic Pot

Have you met the Calandiva clan, the new double flowering cousins of kalanchoe succulents? These sturdy houseplants bloom in an ever-expanding range of luscious hues and -  here's the best part - they do so for months on end. Just the thing to ease you, or someone you care about, through the gray days of winter.

Why Grow/Give Flowering Calandivas?

  • These blooming succulents deliver fresh blooms in a rainbow of complex hues
  • Flower colors are newly developed blends for added interest. Often buds and blooms vary, for a multidimentional color presentation.
  • Care is super easy; bright light, ideally with several hours of sun and water every week or two, allowing the soil to dry in between. 
  • Great for beginners, busy folks and those who just want fresh flowers through the winter

Flowering Calandivas are in 4" nursery pots, tucked into a graceful white ceramic cachepot. Note: shades of pink may vary - we select the nicest colors our grower has each week.

Botanical Name: Kalanchoe blossfeldiana Calandiva
Common Name: Calandiva Double Pink, Flaming Katy plant
Growing Zones: Anywhere indoors with sun to bright indirect light
Sun/Shade: Bright indirect light, ideally with a few hours of sun
Flowers: Flowering plants typically blooms for 6 to 12+ weeks indoors
Flower Color: Double flower form blooms in pink
Plant/Bulb Size: Flowering plant in 4" nursery pot, ceramic cachepot
Bloom Timing: Flowers in winter