Burnished Steel Bowl of Scented Paperwhites

Burnished Steel Bowl of Scented Paperwhites

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The scoop on Burnished Steel Bowl of Scented Paperwhites

Have an urbanite on your gift list who's partial to a modern vibe, lots of texture and rustic metal? This substantial bowl of 6 portly paperwhites, pre-planted and top dressed with moss is for that discerning individual. The paperwhites sprout quickly and bloom in 4 to 6 weeks. The steel bowl, edged with hammered brass, frames the flowers while they bloom and carries on later as a decorative container; each bowl exhibits its own distinctive burnish pattern and trim.

Why Grow Windowsill Paperwhites?

  • Fresh flowers in winter
  • Fragrant blooms borne in clusters
  • Big bulbs - 17+cm size bulbs for more flowers
  • Easy to grow on a sunny windowsill
  • Good for novices

This burnished bowl includes a half dozen large, plump paperwhite bulbs, natural moss top dressing and is sent with simple care instructions (pretty much "Add water and sunshine.") Enjoy!

Botanical Name: Narcissus paperwhite Nir
Common Name: Paperwhite narcissus
Growing Zones: Grow indoors on sunny windowsill
Sun/Shade: Sunny windowsill
Flowers: White, fragrant flowers
Flower Color: Sparkling white
Height: 12-14"
Plant/Bulb Size: 8" burnished steel bowl with 5 big 17cm+ bulbs
Season: Blooms in 4-5 weeks