Braided Money Tree

Braided Money Tree

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The scoop on Braided Money Tree

Need a little greenery to soften your space? A Braided Money Tree could be just the ticket. Hand braided trunks support shiny leaves with six narrow leaflets displayed in a hand-like form.

Why Grow a Braided Money Tree?

  • Easy care; happy in indirect sunlight such as provided by a north facing window
  • Can be grown under florescent lights in offices, schools, hospitals, labs, libraries, etc.
  • Manage your tree size with container selection. Keep it in a smaller pot to contain size or move to larger pot if you’d like your Braided Money Tree to eventually reach 6-8 feet tall.

Feng shui devotees believe Money Trees bring good luck and fortune. We can’t guarantee this but do know that Braided Money Trees live for years, providing a long payback for a modest investment.

Botanical Name: Pachira aquatica
Common Name: Braided Money Tree, Malabar Chestnut
Growing Zones: Grows indoors
Sun/Shade: Indirect or under florescent lights
Height: Grows to 6-8 ft under ideal conditions
Plant/Bulb Size: Plant shipped is 13-18" tall
Bloom Timing: Grown for foliage
Pkg. Count: 1 braided tree in 4" nursery pot