Belladonna Lily, Naked Darlings Collection

Belladonna Lily, Naked Darlings Collection

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The scoop on Belladonna Lily, Naked Darlings Collection

Can't decide on the best belladonna lily color for your landscape? Understandable. Go with a trio of both pink and white, six big bulbs total, here at a pleasant discount.

Why Grow Belladonna Lilies?

  • Belladonna lilies are commonly known as "naked ladies" and "surprise lilies" because the flower stalks emerge and blooms are produced before the foliage appears
  • These flowers are borne in clusters and are sweetly fragrant
  • Deer, rabbits and rodents find belladonna lilies unappealing
  • These bulbs are ideal additions to existing beds and borders, adding showy blossoms and requiring very little space
  • Warm region gardeners, these are perfect for you!
Botanical Name: Amaryllis belladonna
Common Name: Belladonna lilies, Naked ladies, Surprise lilies
Growing Zones: Zones 8-10
Sun/Shade: Full to partial sun
Flower Color: Pink and white trumpet-shaped blooms
Height: 24-36" tall
Plant/Bulb Size: 18/20+ cm in circumference
Bloom Timing: Late summer into fall
Pkg. Count: 6 robust bulbs