Begonia Scentiment Sunrise

Begonia Scentiment Sunrise

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The scoop on Begonia Scentiment Sunrise

With elegant break-of-dawn hues that virtually guarantee a good day, Sunrise produces full, multi-branched begonias with generous numbers of flowers.

New, novel and extraordinary enough to be patented, these fragrant treasures deliver both endless 4-5" blooms and enticing scent. Ideal for hanging baskets and upright enough for containers. Close your eyes, inhale and dream.

Why Grow Scented Begonias?

  • Beautiful flowers and sweet fragrance, made in the shade
  • Blossoms colors are fashion-forward blends
  • A new, fresh take - fragrant begonias
If you're a gardener who delights in trying the new, the novel and the next best thing, here's your chance to grow fragrant begonias.
Botanical Name: Begonia x tuberhybrida
Common Name: Tuberous begonia, scented begonia
Growing Zones: 10 outside; elsewhere lift and store bulbs indoors for winter
Sun/Shade: Partial shade
Flower Color: Peach, yellow, pink
Height: 10-12"
Plant/Bulb Size: Large for this variety: 1.25" across / 10cm in circumference
Bloom Timing: Early to mid-summer thru frost
Pkg. Count: 1 vigorous bulb