Begonia Rose Form Red

Begonia Rose Form Red

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The scoop on Begonia Rose Form Red

This begonia flowers in a brilliant, true red and pairs beautifully with picotee begonia Scarlett O'Hara. (Click on the image for a less fuzzy version.)

Rose form tuberous begonias are smooth petaled, symmetrical, reliably double and decidedly three dimensional. They are also spectacular at 4-8". These bulbs are large (2-2.5" diameter) and remarkably well-priced. Expect a show stopping performance this season and into the future, if you choose to save the bulbs. You won't be disappointed.

Why Grow Rose/Double Flower Form Begonias?

  • Stellar, fully double flowers in half day shade
  • Long flowering period, summer into fall
  • Wide selection of colors and forms

If you haven't grown Amerihybrid begonias, it's time. Stronger plants, larger flowers, more buds and blooms and close to endless choices to suit your personal preferences. If you have tried Amerihybrids, then you're already in the know. For big color, we ship a multipack of 3 bulbs.

Botanical Name: Begonia x tuberhybrida
Common Name: Tuberous begonia, rose begonia
Growing Zones: 10 outside; elsewhere lift and store bulbs indoors for winter
Sun/Shade: Partial shade
Flower Color: Red
Height: 12-14"
Plant/Bulb Size: Very large: 2-2.5" across / 16-20cm circumference
Bloom Timing: Early to mid-summer thru frost
Pkg. Count: 3 big tubers