Begonia Picotee Sunburst

Begonia Picotee Sunburst

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The scoop on Begonia Picotee Sunburst

These begonias deliver bushels of blossoms in warm yellow with a red filigree trim highlighting every edge. Don't be surprised if you look over at this plant mid-summer and think, "Can that absolutely perfect flower actually be real?"

Why Grow Begonias?

  • Stellar large, full flowers in half day shade
  • Long flowering period, summer into fall
  • Wide selection of colors and forms
Picotee begonias are all about edginess, specifically edges embellished with contrasting colors. Prefer that little extra to catch the eye and add a bit of pop? This group is for you! For big color, we ship a multipack of 3 bulbs.
Botanical Name: Begonia x tuberhybrida
Common Name: Tuberous begonia, picotee begonia
Growing Zones: 10 outside; elsewhere lift and store bulbs indoors for winter
Sun/Shade: Partial shade
Flower Color: Yellow with red
Height: 12-14"
Plant/Bulb Size: Large: 1.75-2" across
Bloom Timing: Early to mid-summer thru frost
Pkg. Count: 3 big tubers