Astilbe Younique Silvery Pink

Astilbe Younique Silvery Pink

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The scoop on Astilbe Younique Silvery Pink

Light in both color and texture, astilbe Younique Silvery Pink is a choice option for dappled shade. Plant right next to bleeding hearts; when the spring flowering bleeding hearts have wrapped up their show, the astilbes will step up with theirs.

Younique is a recently developed line of astilbes that flower earlier and with more flower plumes, that are held in attractive bunches. The plants offer a fuller, more compact form and greater disease resistance. In the plant industry, the Youniques are being heralded as a quality breakthrough.

Why Grow Astilbes?

  • Astilbes grow well in dappled shade.
  • Blooms in mid summer
  • Not on the favorite foods lists for deer and rabbits
Cold hardy, critter resistant, flowering nicely in shade and with both pastel and bright color options, astilbes represent a much needed solution for a common landscaping challenge. Try a few (we'll send a trio of your choice) and see why they're so popular.
Botanical Name: Astilbe Younique Silvery Pink
Common Name: Astilbe Younique Silvery Pink, false spirea, false goat's beard, foam flower
Growing Zones: 4-8S/9W
Sun/Shade: Partial to full shade
Flower Color: Light pink
Height: 16-20"
Plant/Bulb Size: 3-5 eye bareroot plants
Bloom Timing: Summer
Pkg. Count: 3 plants