Anemone Red and White Bicolor

Anemone Red and White Bicolor

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The scoop on Anemone Red and White Bicolor

This white anemone, with generous red washes, or "kisses", at the petal junctions, is much less often seen than the bright solid colors. Each flower varies a bit from it's neighbor with more or less red. Anemone coronaria bi-color is stunning in masses, especially when breezes ruffled the petals.

Why Grow Coronaria Anemones?

  • Poppy anemones are the brilliantly colored anemones favored by florists
  • These plants deliver excellent spring bedding color for those in warm, Mediterranean climates
  • Poppy anemone flower are 2-2 1/2" across and accented by bold black centers
  • Flower forms include both single and double blooms
  • These plants not favored by deer

While not typically long lived perennials, these anemones are some of the most productive spring bloomers with a single bulb producing 15-20 flowers.

Botanical Name: Anemone coronaria Red and White Bicolor
Common Name: Poppy anemone, Lilies of the field, Spanish marigold
Growing Zones: Winter hardy in zones 8-10 (zone 7 with protection)
Sun/Shade: Part sun to part shade
Flower Color: White and red flowers
Height: 10-16" tall
Plant/Bulb Size: 7/8+ cm (circumference)
Bloom Timing: Early to mid summer
Pkg. Count: 20 bulbs