Amazon Lily

Amazon Lily

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The scoop on Amazon Lily

Only a few regions in the U.S. can grow these plants where they'll be overwintered outdoors; the rest of us can grow fragrant Amazon lilies in containers on a windowsill. Related to Christmas Amaryllis, these showy exotics are native to Peru and are rarely seen in the States.

Why Grow Amazon Lilies?

  • Pendulous clusters of 3 to 5 waxy, white flowers bloom on slender stems
  • Often flowers in winter when any blooms - especially fragrant ones - are super welcome
  • Bulbs multiply to fill pots with additional flowering plants
When not in bloom, the foliage of these plants is attractive; glossy and with delicate striations.
Botanical Name: Eucharis amazonica grandiflora
Common Name: Amazon lily, eucharist lily
Growing Zones: Grow anywhere in container, perennials in zones 10-11
Sun/Shade: Partial shade, dappled shade
Flower Color: White fragrant flowers
Height: 12-24"
Plant/Bulb Size: 14+ cm
Bloom Timing: Seasonal bloomer; varies
Pkg. Count: 3 bulbs