Amaryllis Spring Color Blast Trio - 3 Bulbs

Amaryllis Spring Color Blast Trio - 3 Bulbs

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The scoop on Amaryllis Spring Color Blast Trio - 3 Bulbs

Our recent walk-in cooler inventory turned up several crates of big, firm, ready-to-grow amaryllis bulbs. Bingo!  Some varieties were labeled, others not. Known varieties include Dancing Queen (double), Ferrari (true red), Ruby Star (exotic deep ruby red), Lemon Lime (green-yellow blooms), Red Peacock (double red) and Snowdrift (double white), i.e. mostly fancies. The rest are mysteries, kind of like a botanical lottery with the odds stacked in your favor. Each order includes 3 different varieties.

Here's your chance to scoop a trio of colorful amaryllis bulbs at about 1/3 the usual price. As one of our staffers would say "a smokin' deal!" Obviously, when they're gone . . .

Why Grow Amaryllis?

  • Amaryllis flowers are showy; bringing over-the-top color to windowsills and warm-region garden beds
  • Hybrid amaryllis offer choices in red, pink, orange, cranberry, bi-colors and more
  • See our growing instructions (link at right) for super easy blooms, even for beginners
  • Popular for outdoor planting in Texas, Southern California and other no-freeze regions, amaryllis are outstanding in flowerbeds where they develop into giant showy clumps and bloom with vigor in the spring.

Botanical Name: Hippeastrum, mixed
Common Name: Amaryllis
Growing Zones: Anywhere indoors, Zones 8-10 outdoors
Sun/Shade: Full sun outdoors or in a sunny window
Height: Varies
Plant/Bulb Size: Varies
Pkg. Count: 3 big bulbs