Amaryllis Nymph

Amaryllis Nymph

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The scoop on Amaryllis Nymph

There's a whole line of amaryllis that have names that start with "Nymph". This is the original and the one from which all the other genes have been selected. Fully double, white blooms etched in a soft salmon red and encircling the flower center with gently cupped petals. Graceful and shapely.

Why Grow Amaryllis?

  • Amaryllis flowers are showy; bringing over-the-top color to holiday decorating and winter windowsills
  • Hybrid amaryllis offer choices in red, pink, orange, cranberry, bi-colors and more
  • See our growing instructions (link at right) for super easy blooms, even for beginners
  • Flowering amaryllis are thoughtful, engaging holiday gifts
  • For those in warmer climates, amaryllis are also outstanding in flowerbeds where they develop into giant showy clumps and bloom with vigor in the spring

Tip: all amaryllis bulbs are not the same. Larger bulbs produce more flower stalks and more blooms per stalk. Get big, healthy, carefully held bulbs - optimum temperature, humidity and light conditions - here and enjoy truly stunning flowering amaryllis. (Note: different varieties mature to different bulb sizes. All the bulbs here are large to very large for the individual cultivar.)

Botanical Name: Hippeastrum Nymph
Common Name: Amaryllis Nymph
Growing Zones: Anywhere indoors, Zones 8-10 outdoors
Sun/Shade: Full sun outdoors or in a sunny window
Flowers: Typically flowers in 8 to 12 weeks indoors, and in spring outdoors
Flower Color: Double form white blooms with red
Height: Grows 18-22"
Plant/Bulb Size: 30/32 cm in circumference
Pkg. Count: 1 large bulb