Amaryllis Chico Gift in a Green Square

Amaryllis Chico Gift in a Green Square

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The scoop on Amaryllis Chico Gift in a Green Square

Mention the word "amaryllis" and this flower form is NOT what comes to mind. Chico is an exotic, a willowy member of the cybister group, amaryllis known for slender, curled petals in fanciful airbrushed shades. Ideal for modern homes where classic amaryllis may be too traditional, this variety always garners notice and raves. Fancy looking, but no diva when it comes to growing requirements.

Why Give Potted Amaryllis?

  • Amaryllis flowers are showy; bringing over-the-top color to holiday decorating and winter windowsills
  • Choice: hybrid amaryllis offer choices in red, pink, orange, cranberry, bi-colors and more
  • See our growing instructions (link at right) for super easy blooms, even for beginners
  • Flowering amaryllis are thoughtful, engaging holiday gifts for "I grew this!" moments

Tip: all amaryllis bulbs are not the same. Larger bulbs produce more flower stalks and more blooms per stalk. This gift amaryllis is big, healthy and has been carefully held in optimum temperature/humidit conditions (not like the presprouted sadlings at the big box stores) for outstanding performance.

Planted amaryllis are top dressed with natural moss and sent with easy growing instructions. Feel free to add a gift message as you check out. Then just tell us where to deliver your selection!

This is a Leafari staff tested and recommended variety. Many of us grow it every year!

Botanical Name: Hippeastrum Chico
Common Name: Amaryllis Chico
Growing Zones: Anywhere indoors, zones 8b-10 outdoors
Sun/Shade: Full sun outdoors or in a sunny window
Flowers: Typically flowers in 6 to 8 weeks indoors and in spring outdoors
Flower Color: Deep red with jade and celadon green
Height: Grows 18-22" tall, potted in a 6x6x6" Green Resin Square
Plant/Bulb Size: 30/32 cm in circumference - big!