African Blood Lily/Scadoxus

African Blood Lily/Scadoxus

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The scoop on African Blood Lily/Scadoxus

Attractive wavy basal foliage frame these 12-18" tall flower stems. Each stem holds aloft a 6-10" umbel of scarlet florets, looking like a flaming puff. These colorful bloomers produce new stalks and globe flowers for two to three months in late summer to fall, earning their place in border fronts and mixed containers. This South African exotic is an unusual addition to any garden and sure to prompt remarks like "Really? What's That?!"

Why Grow African Blood Lilies?

  • African Blood lilies produce novel, bright red flowers 
  • The flower form is like an explosion of red with yellow stamen tips
  • Big, 6-10" flowers are produced for two to three months
  • It's fun to try something new, no?
African Blood lily flowers open a brilliant scarlet red. As they mature they soften a bit to a pinkish red and often both colors are present at the same time, adding visual interest.
Botanical Name: Scadoxus multiflorus, previously Haemanthus
Common Name: African Blood lily, Red Scadoxus
Growing Zones: 8-11, elsewhere lift bulbs and store indoors for winter or treat as annuals
Sun/Shade: Partial sun to partial shade
Flower Color: Red sparkler-style flowers
Height: 12-18"
Plant/Bulb Size: 16-20+cm
Bloom Timing: Summer
Pkg. Count: 3 big bulbs