Acidanthera / Gladiolus murielae / Peacock Orchids

Acidanthera / Gladiolus murielae / Peacock Orchids

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The scoop on Acidanthera / Gladiolus murielae / Peacock Orchids

While there's been a fair amount of back and forth in recent years about the correct family to assign Peacock Orchids to, there's been no squabbling about their beauty and garden value. With a demure form, like a shy young girl with downwards cast eyes, the flowers bob on gently bent stems.

Why Grow Acidanthera/Gladiolus murielae/Peacock Orchids?

  • Distinctive white flowers with bold wine markings
  • These members of the iris family are related to wild gladiolus
  • Fragrant flowers summer through frost

Peacock orchids prefer somewhat moist soil and hot afternoon sun, especially in zones 7 and 8. Provide these conditions and they'll flower late summer through fall, until frost.

Botanical Name: Acidanthera bicolor, Gladiolus murielae, Gladiolus callianthus
Common Name: Peacock orchids, peacock gladiolus, Abyssinian gladiolus
Growing Zones: 7-10 outside, elsewhere treat as annuals
Sun/Shade: Sun
Flower Color: Fragrant white flowers with wine throats
Height: 28-36"
Plant/Bulb Size: 8-10+cm
Bloom Timing: Summer into fall
Pkg. Count: 10 bulbs