Achimenes Snow Princess

Achimenes Snow Princess

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The scoop on Achimenes Snow Princess

Cool white with the tiniest hint of purple and yellow at the flowers' throats, these achimene blooms add frosty relief to hot summer days. Snow Princess is a trailing variety, ideal for hanging baskets and for cascading over the side of porch boxes and big ceramic planters. This achimenes produces larger than average, forward-facing blooms from June through October. Add a few small tubers to your spring pots and prepare to be amazed.

Why Grow Achimenes?

  • Exotic, rarely seen plants that are super easy to please
  • Happy indoors on windowsills or outdoors in pots and hanging baskets
  • Flowers from early summer through mid to late fall
  • Most achimenes prefer bright indirect light (no full sun) and will even flower with just good fluorescent lighting
  • Ideal for north facing windows and porches where few blooming plants thrive
  • Achimenes tend to display two forms; trailing and upright

Why achimenes are not more widely grown is a continuing mystery to the horticultural community. We believe it's about trying and seeing for yourself how great these plants are - here's your chance!

Botanical Name: Achimenes Snow Princess
Common Name: Hot water plant, Cupid's bow, Orchid pansy, Magic flower, Widow's tears, Monkey-faced pansy, Nut orchid, Mother's tears
Growing Zones: Zones 3-10, winter hardy in zones 9-10
Sun/Shade: Part Shade/Shade
Flower Color: White
Height: 10-12" tall
Plant/Bulb Size: Achimenes produce small rhizomes; 1/4" to 3/4" long
Season: Summer through fall
Bloom Timing: Early summer through fall
Pkg. Count: 12 vigorous rhizomes