Leafari: Go Bold

Leafari was conceived for creative, curious gardeners. People who choose to develop and follow their own style. And who want to confidently, boldly, garden their own way . . . with great results.

Leafari encourages your gardening boldness by:

  1. Providing lots of images and info for making good selections, and detailed planting guides to ensure great starts.
  2. Delivering quality: Like other perishables (think eggs) most garden products are sold by grade. We source the top grades that perform better and then tell/show you exactly what you're getting. Enjoy the confidence of starting with the good stuff.
  3. Adding spice: with quirky plants, limited quantity special finds and unusual combos tested in our own gardens. Fun stuff.
  4. Sharing gardener-to-gardener tips for success and insider info to deliver gorgeous results.

It's a given that you're busy and time is precious. This site was designed with that in mind; photo heavy (show me), info rich (tell me) and easy to navigate (guide me). Plants are listed with partners that thrive in the same conditions, to make for easy pairings. Woven throughout the site are articles that unveil the "why" behind common gardening head scratchers; helpful bits to trigger "aha" moments. After all, being in the know supports success, with gardening as with most other things.

So here's to smarter, bolder gardening. And to gardeners who see each season's activities as the adventures they are!

Leafari was conceived for creative, curious gardeners.

Jon and Jill guide Leafari. They met years ago at another gardening company, where they worked closely. When the chance arose to partner again on Leafari, they jumped on it.

Jill taps into a lifetime of gardening to shape most of what customers see here; products, descriptions, images and why/how-to articles. She also manages the company's trial gardens where 30-40 varieties are grown each summer and evaluated for vigor, productivity and beauty.

Like many of us, Jill has lived and gardened in lots of places - New England, the Mid-Atlantic, the Midwest and the Southwest. These experiences, plus years as a master gardener, have reinforced how this wonderful activity varies across the regions of our vast country.

Jon handles the parts of Leafari, that for customers, are invisible. (Not to be confused with unimportant!) He manages the technical aspects of the website and other systems, partners with growers, and sees that orders are fulfilled quickly and accurately.

Jon also takes many of the plant photos here, shooting in real gardens in Southern California, Denver, Chicago . . . wherever he finds himself. He's also a pretty good videographer and doesn't take himself too seriously.