3 Things to Know Before Buying Peony Plants

Will the variety I’ve chosen be happy in my area?

All peonies are well adapted to cold regions. Some varieties are also happy in moderately warm areas.

First, confirm the growing region you are in by checking here: What’s My Growing Zone? This is valuable information to know for all plant purchases.

Then compare your zone with the zone info on right side of the product page for the variety you’ve selected. If there’s a match, great! This cultivar will be happy in your part of the country. If not, consider looking at other varieties that may be a better fit.

Pink peonies in the garden image

What size plant am I getting for my money?

Peonies are typically sold as roots and these are graded by the number of “eyes” or growing points. Peony eyes are similar to the eyes on a potato but often colorful, bright red or pink. A peony plant graded as 2-3 eyes is a small root. The next size up, a 3-5 eye root, is a much better size and typically gets your peony plant growing to flower-producing size a year earlier.

In the case of peonies, a $1-$2 price difference that ties to a smaller root can mean waiting a whole additional year for that first glorious bloom.

What Do Experienced Shoppers Say About the Merchant I’m Considering?

To gather helpful information about the experiences of others, try Googling “(company name) reviews”.

For gardening companies, there’s another source of information: Garden Watchdog. This is an easy way to discover that there are some companies (often heavy advertisers) that you may not want to do business with. Check Garden Watchdog for lots customer comments and reviews, along with other useful information.

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