3 Things to Know Before Buying Garden Garlic

Will the Garlic Variety You've Chosen Survive the Your Winter?

Garlic cultivars demonstrate temperature references. Some perform well in cooler climates and some do better in warmer areas.

As a first step, check to see what growing region you are in here: What’s My Growing Zone?

Garlics in the garden image

Then compare that with the information on the product page for the variety you’ve selected. If there’s a match, great! This cultivar generally performs well in your part of the country. If not, consider looking at other varieties that may be a better fit.

Hardneck vs Softneck – What’s Best for You?

Garlic is subdivided into two main groupings: hardneck and softneck . These groups have slightly different attributes and specific geographic preferences.

To see which is best for you, check out Garlic: Hardneck vs Softneck

One Final Tip: Don't Plant Grocery Store Garlic

Grocery store garlic is customarily sprayed with a growth inhibiting chemical. After all, the store doesn't want the garlic to start sprouting on the shelf. While this chemical spray won't hurt you, it significantly reduces the likelihood that you'll get a satisfactory garden garlic crop. And, the variety of garlic sold in most stores has been selected for long shelf life, not for bright, rich flavor. Is that what you want to allocate precious garden space and your limited time to?

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